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The Day After Energy

When I was working in my corporate job, I always dreaded going back to work after the holidays. Even if I “worked” those last few weeks of the year, it was always quiet. All the “things” piled up after Thanksgiving….we will tackle in January….

Ugh, and now it was January.

The day after any major life event is an extraordinary time. Take a moment and consider….

· The day after you return from vacation

· The day after a wedding

· The day after your marriage or relationship ends

· The day after the birth of a child

· The day after a funeral or memorial service

· The day after a national or world tragedy

· The day after you move into a new home

· The day after a medical diagnosis

· The day after you leave a job

· The day after you start a new one

These events, and many others, change our lives. They change the energy of our lives, the trajectory of our next steps. They change our perspective, perhaps make us question and contemplate.

Regardless of whether these events are “good” or “bad”, they change us.

These events change what is “usual” and “normal” for us. Our choice is how we enter the energy of that day. How do we show up? It is an opportunity to be mindful of our energy going forward. To choose compassion, love, ease with whatever life has handed us.

It is an opportunity to set the energy going forward, but more importantly the energy of the moment.

Each moment.

To be aware of the choices we make, to be compassionate for ourselves during changes. To be loving towards others. To seek out those who would support us and to choose who we surround ourselves with.


It’s all energy.

Our thoughts, our words, what we write, the art we create, the music we listen to….

It all supports our next step, our next moment, as life continues to shift and change as it will do.

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Lisa Hicks
Lisa Hicks
Jan 03, 2023

Thanks Lauri. What caught me most from this post was the part in the quote, "the second mile of the long race." It will help me to motivate myself along my weight-loss journey. Self-talk matters so much.

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