Honored to be your companion on life's journey

Lauri Ingram is a seeker of truth, motivated by her curiosity and desire to lead others on their own journeys of self-discovery.  She understands that we all long to lead a fulfilled life, and that it is in the journey that we find fulfillment as we discover our personal truths.


As a trained mindfulness advocate in the workplace, Lauri discovered the vast benefits mindfulness has on easing anxiety by changing our relationship to emotions and thoughts.  This discovery led her to become trained in other avenues of alternative and complementary healing, so that she could move beyond her corporate IT experience, to  offer more sophisticated healing to others looking to explore who they are in a more spiritual sense.


Lauri received her BA from Albertus Magnus College and her MBA from the University of New Haven.  She is certified as an Etheric Crystal Light Practitioner, Color Therapist, Usui Reiki Levels I and II, and as a Crystal Dreaming Practitioner, an advanced shamanic modality that uses past life regression to provide a profound opportunity to heal wounds and traumas, explore lives and lessons, ultimately connecting clients to their highest selves and to those beings that guide us.  She completed the One Spirit Interfaith Seminary Program, and was ordained as an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister in June 2019. She is currently a student in the One Spirit Interspiritual Counseling Program, and will complete the program in June, 2021. Lauri is co-founder of Etheric Elements, a provider of items for empowered living, and is the community manager for New Beginnings in Community, an Interfaith community located in Milford, CT, where she leads workshops and services.


Lauri believes that there is much to learn as we journey through life. It begins with openness, curiosity, and deep self-compassion.  Lauri’s commitment  is to using her life skills, experience, and training to create safe and sacred space for self-discovery, as she companions others along the way.


Certified Crystal Dreaming Practitioner

One Spirit Interfaith Seminary,

Class of 2019

One Spirit  InterSpiritual Counseling Program,

Class of 2021

Certified Color Therapist

Co-Founder, Etheric Elements

Usui Reiki I,II

Vibrational Healing with Tibetan Bowls, Level I, II , III Certification

Tibetan Style Singing Bowls Level I

Yoga Nidra Teacher Training certification,  Sagel Urlacher, My Meditative Yoga

Bachelors, Business Albertus Magnus College

Masters in Business Administration,

University of New Haven


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