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Crystal Dreaming
Practitioner  Training

A journey to 

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Presented by Lauri Ingram,
Crystal Dreaming Advanced Practitioner and Teacher

I  understand  that being a healer is a calling, but it isn't necessarily easy. It can be hard to find a modality where you see consistent healing for your clients.

Over the past 8 years, I have facilitated hundreds of sessions, and have witnessed the transformative nature of the Crystal Dreaming Modality.

Are you a practitioner seeking to


Bring Transformation to your clients

Crystal Dreaming in a  modality and technology that is both deeply transformative + rapid

Connect with a community that is supportive and focused on growth as healers

Differentiate yourself from others with this growing healing modality


Guide your clients through resolution on ongoing issues

Empower your clients to reach their full potential

Break through your clients' healing plateaus

Day 1

Crystal Awareness

Professional Level Training
3 full, consecutive days

$650 in person only
Classes forming in Bethany, CT;

contact me for other locations 

Day 2

Crystal Dreaming

Day 3

Crystal Dreaming Practice Sessions


The Time
Is Now

In this course we will cover....

  • Understanding crystals and how they affect our energy

  • Working with crystals for personal growth, healing, and balance

  • Using crystals to expand your consciousness and that of others

  • Selecting, cleansing, and programming crystals

  • Balancing the chakras using crystals

  • Guiding others into a deeply altered state, accessing the Superconscious, and facilitating past life regression

  • Activating past life skills and abilities, including clairvoyance, clairsentience, and clairaudience

  • Clearing negative karma

  • Experiencing one’s soul purpose

  • Connecting with Divine bliss

  • Implementing positive life changes

  • Releasing negative cellular memories and past or present traumas

  • Facilitating a transformational journey for others with safety, ease, and grace

  • Giving and receiving a Crystal Dreaming session


Classes are forming now through Spring, 2024

Thank you for your interest!  I will be in touch!

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