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I have always been curious and have believed there is a higher power guiding us through our life on earth.  As spiritual beings, our experiences can be happy or sad, challenging or easy, and we all have the choice as to how to approach life.  Each of us longs to lead a fulfilled life, and we travel a path to find that fulfillment and discover our personal truth.

My path in life, while focused on a traditional corporate IT experience, has always been influenced by my intuitive nature.  As a mindfulness advocate in the workplace, I have experienced the benefits of mindfulness as a way to ease anxiety by changing our relationship to our emotions and thoughts. 

I believe there is inherent good in the world, and that we are spiritual beings having an earthbound experience.  We have the ability to connect with our own truth, but sometimes it takes the assistance of another to uncover those truths that we are unable to clearly see.   As an interspiritual/interfaith minister in training, my path of ministry is to support others who are seeking truth, by offering various healing modalities, presented with compassion and grace. 

 As someone who has had life challenges, probably like you, I have experienced traditional as well as holistic therapies and practices, as a way of transcending any challenges, to find that  place of wholeness that we all yearn to find.  This led me to explore these modalities as a practitioner, so that I could offer, to others, the benefits that I received.

As a certified Reiki and Etheric Crystal light practitioner, as well as a color therapist, I have explored the world of energy healing.  Through my certification in Crystal Dreaming, and continued practitioner training under the mentorship of Jude Smith (, I have found a modality that offers a profound opportunity to heal wounds and traumas, explore other lives and their lessons, and connect with our higher selves and those beings that guide us.

In June, 2019 I was ordained as an Interfaith/Interspiritual Minister from One Spirit Learning Alliance in New York City, and certified in 2021 from One Spirit's Interspiritual Counseling Program.  Honoring all paths to the divine, my interfaith/interspiritual ministry is evolving and dedicated to helping each person find their own personal truth,  based in unconditional love, compassion, and respect for all sentient beings.

It is an honor to bring this work into the world, and to assist others on their journey to discovering their true self. I look forward to meeting with you, and sharing the sacred journey of life.



B.A Business, MBA;  40+ years corporate IT experience


One Spirit Learning Alliance December 2020


One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, 2019


One Spirit Learning Alliance, June 2021


Co founder, Etheric Elements
Certified Advanced
Crystal Dreaming Practitioner, Express and Practitioner teacher


Vibrational Healing with Tibetan Bowls
Levels I, II, III


Certified Color Therapist


Usui Reiki Levels I, II


Certified Yoga Nidra Teacher, Sagel Urlacher



Certified Teacher, 2022

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