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Living with Intention: A Journey of Consciousness

Hi, I'm Lauri Ingram, a spiritual coach dedicated to helping individuals live conscious, intentional lives. Today, I want to talk about the profound practice of setting intentions and how it can transform the way we navigate our life's journey.

Life is like a labyrinth, filled with twists, turns, and unexpected paths. Sometimes we feel close to our goals, only to find ourselves seemingly far from them the next moment. The key to navigating this labyrinth is to live with intention, shifting our focus from constantly grasping for specific outcomes to aligning our actions with our values and the life we desire.

Intentions are like seeds planted in the fertile soil of our consciousness. Unlike goals, which are specific milestones we strive to achieve, intentions are the energy and mindset we bring to everything we do. They guide how we live, speak, and show up in the world, acting as a compass that keeps us aligned with our true selves.

Why Set Intentions?

Setting intentions helps clarify what is truly important to us. By doing so, we declare, "This is what I value, this is who I am." Intentions narrow our focus and direct our energy towards what aligns with our higher self, fostering mindful living and deepening our presence in each moment.

Living with intention empowers us to take ownership of our lives. It reminds us that we have the power to shape our reality through our thoughts, words, and actions. This empowerment fosters a sense of agency and responsibility, ultimately aligning our actions with our core values and enabling us to live authentically and wholeheartedly.

Reflecting on Your Intentions

I invite you to take a moment to reflect. What do you truly want to experience? What values do you want to honor in your life? For me, one of my daily intentions is to be fully present, showing up with mindful awareness and self-compassion. When officiating a wedding ceremony, for example, my intention is to hold space for the couple, for love, and for all the emotions that come with such a significant moment.

Take a few moments each morning to reflect and set your intentions. Writing them down in a journal or a place where you can see them frequently can solidify your commitment. Visualize yourself living your intention, tuning into the associated emotions and energy. This practice helps imprint your intentions in your subconscious.

Staying Present and Aligned

Throughout the day, return to your intentions. Ask yourself if your current actions align with the intentions you've set. Let your intentions guide your decisions and actions, bringing your focus back to what truly matters. Remember, intentions are not about perfection but about setting a direction for your life, allowing for growth and learning along the way.

Imagine starting each day with the intention to be kind and compassionate to everyone you meet. This simple intention can transform your interactions and deepen your connection to yourself and others. Over time, the practice of intention-setting will not only transform your relationships but also deepen your connection to your heart.

Questions for Reflection

1. What intentions can you set today that will bring more clarity and focus to your life?

2. How can you incorporate the practice of setting intentions into your daily routine?

3. In what ways do your current actions align with your deepest values and desires?

4. How do you feel when you are living in alignment with your intentions?

By setting intentions, we take an active role in creating a conscious, fulfilling life that is true to who we are. The practice of intention-setting invites us to live each day with purpose and heart-centered awareness.

Thank you for stopping by. May your journey be filled with ease and intention.

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