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Lessons from your Inner Child

Wisdom of the Inner Child

We all carry with us, the wounds and the joys of childhood. Often the voice of our inner child may speak to us, perhaps recollecting wounds from our early years, and also bringing with it the connection to perhaps a time with less responsibility, where paying and being carefree were all we faced each day.

Recently I spent time going through old photographs of myself and my family. As I sat and looked at the photos, and read some poems I had written, I was struck by several things. First, how I could still connect with that very young child, being held by her parents in front of her childhood home. Memories flooded back of playing in the yard as well of memories of less happy times. How quickly I was transported back and the memories felt all so real.

In the poems, I saw deep insight and a glimpse into how my inner child speaks to me on occasion even now, in my early 60’s. Sadness at moving homes and leaving friends, insecurity about who I was, and a longing to be creative and live an authentic life. For many of us, revisiting our childhood came bring wonderful memories, but it can also remind us of times when we were challenged, perhaps bullied or even traumatized.

During my healing journey, I have done much work on my own inner child, reconnecting and reparenting the parts of her that seek approval, long to be seen and valued as a unique individual. I truly believe we all are doing the best we can, from wherever we are in this moment. The opportunity to create a safe space, to give my younger self what she needs with compassion and love, is a gift we can each give to ourselves.

A recent client, who has completed previous crystal dreaming sessions, experienced a rather poignant opportunity to see herself as both an adult and a child at the same time. The Crystal Dreaming process is one of moving to a state of expanded consciousness, allowing her spirit to explore and reveal what is most healing to her in that particular session.

What appeared to my client was two worlds, one full of lush, green scenery with bright colors and a glowing rainbow, and the other the expansiveness and infinite nature of the divine. What she also experienced was seeking her spirit as both a young child and an adult. She clearly received guidance from her higher self that her inner child was in need of compassion, of a hug, of being told she was perfect just as she is. I gently guided her through an experience of giving her inner child a hug, holding her hand and speaking the words of love and compassion she so wanted to hear. Weeks later, after spending time integrating the experience and journaling on the guidance she received, my client felt that this was just the step on her healing journey that was needed.

There are many paths to healing, many ways we can return to the wholeness that already exists within. Whether through meditation, working with one’s personal energy practices, devotion through spiritual practice, art or movement, we can find our way to healing one step at a time. Often these are practices we may have been drawn to as children. I was always drawn to coloring and creating, and find myself continually drawn to those practices as opportunities for healing.

I truly believe everything is perfect in each moment. Opening ourselves to hear the wisdom and guidance that is within each of us is a journey of many steps. Each step brings us a bit closer to our true nature, that of an infinite, divine soul.

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