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Finding Your Passion

Finding your Life Passion through Spiritual Counseling

What would it feel like to lean into your passion for life? How would it feel to have clarity and confidence as you take the next step on your path? Do you seek connection with your higher self, the divine, your spirit, the universe to know that the answers are within you, waiting to be unlocked at the perfect time.

So many of us, at one point (or many points) in our lives, wonder, or perhaps feel lost of unmoored. This is a natural cycle of life, and when we may feel that way, connecting with our inner knowing we can be guided through the fog. I like to use the analogy of an onion, our life is a series of cycles where we peel back the layers as we get closer to our true, divine, authentic self.

I would like to share with you the story of a client, let’s call her Alice, who came to me a few years ago knowing she needed a change in her life. While not unhappy, she was not feeling fulfilled either. She was recovering from a recent passing in her extended family, a grandfather, and that led her to consider where she was on her life journey. I spent time listening to her describe a longing to hear what her spirit was trying to tell her, but unable to gain clarity on just what the message was.

I am not a medium, nor am I psychic but I am highly intuitive which is my soul, my spirit, whispering to me. I believe we all have this voice inside us, and our life is a journey to open to it, become open to hearing it and feeling it and sensing it. My work as a spiritual counselor and through my other modalities allows me to companion my clients as they seek their own inner truth. We decide together the path the companionship will take and the modalities we will incorporate.

After spending time with Alice, we decide that a Crystal Dreaming session may help her connect with that part of her conscious that has messages for her. As a guided meditation, accompanied by a powerful grid of crystals, Alice experienced a journey that connected her back to her childhood. She recalled drawings she had made as a child, and even a book she had written.

The recollection of these memories brought her immense joy! That was a sign to her that these practices of creating, that she had long put aside, were waiting for her to pick up. As we sat for awhile after her session, she journaled. She felt she was being called to write and illustrate a children’s book. She left my office buoyant, feeling she had unlocked the door that now presented her with the next step on her path. She has gone on to pursue this passion, as well as other creative and artistic pursuits.

Embarking on the path of spiritual discovery, accompanied by a spiritual counselor or director or companion, is one that continues to unfold in front of us. My work typically evolves over a period of time. While Alice came to me with a specific curiosity about crystals, our work took on a very different path after that session. I have learned when clients reach out to me, that there is a nudge they are heeding.

Spiritual counseling is one way we can connect with a live where we are thriving, where we connect with what makes our heart sing as well as gaining a deeper understanding of our own spirituality. Our sessions are fluid, and we allow spirit to guide us. As spiritual counselors we often say there is a “third chair” in our session and that is spirit, the universe, the creator, God…whatever words resonate for you.

I pursued this practice because of the deep and profound change it made in my personal life. I have been blessed with connecting with the perfect spiritual director at the moment in my life when I most needed them. I love how the universe works! Sometimes we just need reminders to watch for the messages, the signs and to listen. To learn how to be in the “in-between” points in our lives while spirit is at work is a practice, and one that can also be a recurring them with my clients.

Maintaining client confidentiality, I have changed the name and some details of Alice’s journey. But her experience is not unusual; those who seek out spiritual counseling are often looking for something deeper, something beneath the surface that is spirit whispering to them, ever so gently.

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