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Art and Spirituality

I have always, from my first memories, created. Playing with my toys I created worlds and stories, coloring and drawing I expressed myself, when reading I immersed myself in the language and imagery. I had a vivid imagination and lived in it. I was always trying new crafts, buying kits and was so happy in that world. I have always felt intuitive as well, perhaps always connected to something outside myself but did not know what it was.

Fast forward many years, and I feel like I have just started to connect the dots of spirituality, art and creativity. I never considered myself an artist, but a creator. I am taking a 6 week class in acrylics this summer and am so excited! In the past I would have talked myself out of it, I am not any good….everyone will be better than me….but something in me has shifted. I can now consider the journey of exploration for what it is! A journey! A gift!

Vulnerability has never been easy for me in a group setting (group being more than 2 people!) I have always worked through things on my own, or with a trusted advisor. But now I am taking more risks…putting my efforts out into the world with a little less “eek”….a little less “yikes, what am I doing?”…a little more “let’s see what happens!” and a lot more trust in the universe bringing me exactly what I need.

This shift has been slow in coming, but has gained momentum over the past few months. Perhaps it is my age, perhaps it is my stage in life, but if not now, when? How can I use my creative endeavors to deepen my connection with spirit? To learn more about myself?

I have decided to do more in my life because I enjoy it, because I am curious, because I may not be any good at it! What a leap…to take such risks. Where else in my life can I do the same?

And so I ask you, where in your life can you take risks and be vulnerable? Where can you try things just for the love of learning, for the enjoyment of discovering something new about yourself? Perhaps just try one new thing every day! A new food, a new walking route, a new drive to work….so many ways we can create newness in our lives. Each step is a way to not only know ourselves better, to expand our world but to also explore how spirituality shows up in our lives.

It just takes the first step!


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