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What is your Intuition?

I have always felt connected to something, even as a child. Empathetic, yes. Intuitive, yes. Creative, yes. It was just a part of who I was, curious, always listening at different levels to "voices in my head". I dismissed it in most cases as coincidence. When I would know something before it happened, or just had a sense of "something bigger" around me.

I described myself as intuitive, made my way through school and work life following my intuition. As I look back on my life, I realize that I relied heavily on my intuition to make many big life decisions. I can also see where many decisions were made from a place of fear, from over-thinking. As I move on in life, I have been learning to trust my inner knowing more.

But...what is it? What is this intuition I sense? and, how do I know it is intuition rather than my mind? do we learn to trust it. I believe it is complex, and intertwined with many aspects of ourself. I do believe we are able to tap into energies beyond our physical form, and ultimately that is what my intuition is for me. But, as Brene' Brown says in this quote, it is a combination of wisdom, faith, instinct, experience, and, I believe, trust.

To be honest, no one probably really knows what intuition is. I believe it is an understanding beyond what we may be capable of. But, that doesn't mean it isn't valid. We can investigate and learn how to use it as another once of our senses (spidey-sense!) When I work with clients who are seeking to connect and trust with their intuition, I start with a few questions...

  • When do you know something is a Yes?

  • Where do you feel it in your body?

  • How does a Yes feel?

We all sense our intuition differently. When I was younger, I felt it in my body, in my gut (literally). As a I have gotten older, I have noticed it has changed. How and when I feel a "hit" is different and very difficult to put into words.

I just know.

Of course, just because I know something, doesn't mean I always trust it. Or follow through. There is that "needing certainty" thing.

But, what I do when I am not sure how to follow through is make note of it. In my journal, I write the knowing, when it happened, how it happened, what my mind thinks of it. I process it a bit. Then I leave it, perhaps going back to it at some point to see how it evolved.

Spoiler alert: it always happens. I am learning to trust my intuition, my deep and inner wisdom. I liken it to a combination of living authentically, listening to my soul essence, even receiving messages from beyond the physical. It varies, for me it is layered and nuanced.

My invitation to you is to listen deeply. Next time you have to make a decision, tune into your body. If you find yourselves at a crossroads in life, slow down. Listen. Allow your inner wisdom to emerge.


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