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What is time, anyway??

I remember a point in time, perhaps I was a pre-teen, when I pondered death. What happened when we die? I really had a difficult time comprehending that I would no longer exist. I remember reading various books at the time that were apocalyptic (On The Beach in particular stands out) as I was grappling with my mortality.

and seemingly, at a young age for no reason. I was physically healthy, but I was questioning...wondering....even then, I felt like there was more and the concept of heaven and hell did not quite resonate with me.

Back in third grade, our teacher, Mrs. Cramer, read A Wrinkle in Time to us. I was hooked, fascinated, I felt like it opened a whole world for me that made sense. Even then, there was a knowing I had that there was more to this world than what I was living.

I ponder this because we are, once again, changing the clocks this weekend and ... gaining an hour. Or are we? Do we manufacture time? Is time just a construct we use to put order to our days and our lives? I have a lot of difficulty with the time shifts, and this year seems to be particularly difficult. Combined with the energy of the world and the shifts in global consciousness, I wonder about time and eternity and life and death and the what of it all.

How we spend time trying to make sense out of things we , as spiritual beings having a human experience, are so troubled by, sensitive to, seeking to understand that which is outside of our ability to understand.

That is where trust and inner knowing come into play. I do not know everything, but what I do know is that there are worlds of consciousness outside ours, there is infinite possibility beyond what we can see, and we are all just doing the best we can from where we are in any moment.

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