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Seeing Clearly

Wildfires and smoke are not news to many communities across the Northern Hemisphere, or the world for that matter. But for those of us in the NorthEast US, last week was unique as we were under the effects of smoke from wildfires up north of us.

It was quite eerie, a bit surreal, and when the weekend came and the skies were clear it was, indeed, a blessing.

I pondered..what is the spiritual meaning of being cloudy? Smoky? Not being able to see clearly? What am I to take away from these days of orange, cloudy skys, acrid smells, not being able to enjoy these early summer days.

My contemplation brought me a place of not knowing. Feeling very uncertain of my path, and how it was unfolding. The days were, at best, unsettling. Was I also feeling a bit unsettled in what I am doing? I have felt, for some months now, a shift of some sorts emerging. But the not knowing is not always an easy place to be.

Changes do not have to be huge. Changes can be subtle, from unexpected to planned, as simple as a change in diet, or perhaps a change in daily practice They can be big decisions too. This felt subtle to me though. I shift in the energies of my life. I had been noticing, more and more, signs and synchronicities that were immediate, instant. One day I felt a tremendous energetic shift in the middle of my afternoon. As if everything changed.

But yet, nothing changed. At least nothing in my physical world.

What changed was a clarity on what was in my way. A clear knowing on my current limiting beliefs. An understanding, deep understanding, of what was driving decisions and choices in my life.

It took a few days to process and the integration of this continues. What was it that happened in that smoke and haze? The outside world in a fog, what once lifted allowed me to dive into my inner truth. What is behind my fears? What additional work do I need to do on unworthiness? What is the truth of who I am right now?

The truth is, we are always changing, life is always unfolding, we are on a constant journey of self discovery that never ends (at least not in this physical form). I have been keeping a lot of my creative activities to myself, and realize that it is time to bring them more out in the open...combining with my crystal work and contemplative practices.

The unfolding continues! What truth will you uncover through the haze today?

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