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Resiliency of Spirit

There is no doubt the past two years have tested our resiliency in many ways. For some of us, resilience is not something we have taken time to ponder, or consider. Rather, we barrel through each day, each crisis, each challenge until slowly we find ourselves depleted, exhausted, anxious and perhaps hopeless.

For myself, and many of my clients, there has been a recurring theme in conversation, in conte

mplation, in journaling. Strength…strength of spirit, of navigating such challenging times where many of our core beliefs and values are perhaps questioned, or we are questioning ourselves and the why of it all.

In my heart, where my core essence resides, my spiritual self, I can tap into a trust that all is well, that there is a divine spirit beyond what we can imagine or perceive that is our beacon of hope. In my head, however, there is fear, that is anxiety, there is uncertaintly. Being human, that is not surprising! Being human and also being a spiritual being, we walk in two worlds.

How do we navigate? How do we build and maintain a resilient spirit when we often feel knocked off our feet and uncertain? For each of us, we find our own way that speaks to our soul, our divine light, our pure essence and brings us joy. For some of us it is in creating art, or perhaps daily journals or a peaceful walk in nature. For others, it is prayer and contemplation, perhaps alone or in community. Finding what speaks and nourishes our soul provides an anchor point, practices we can return to when we seek soul nourishment.

But even more important is to acknowledge and name whatever we are feeling: fear, anger, disappointment, uncertainty, worry, loneliness. Naming it, seeking someone to talk to , to share, to know what we are never alone in how we are feeling but we can acknowledge, name and move through the emotions. Like crossing a small creek on a summer day, we can navigate the waters and reach the other side.

We do not live our lives in full sun or full dark. Our lives are lived more often like the phases of the moon, always incorporating both shadow and light. I’ve come to believe that there is not always a reason for the hard times we face, but I do believe in those difficult moments there is help and hope. Even in darkness, there is still something whole and sacred in the world.

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