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Is Crystal Energy really a thing?

When I started down my spiritual journey 10 years ago, I explored and worked with all sorts of modalities and teachers. Angel channelers, mediums, tarot card readers, float tanks and sensory deprivation, energy workers and shamans. I was fascinated and open to exploring it all.

What I didn't expect was an attraction to crystal energy. Working with practitioners who used crystals in their work was fascinating to me. I wasn't sure I was actually feeling something, but I knew that there was something occurring .. at some level .. That led me to learn and experience more about our energy fields, our auras, the levels of consciousness that exist. While we live in a dense level I believe there are other levels of consciousness existing alongside this physical plane. There are ways to access and step into those energies. In the same way, when we leave our physical body we still exist, just in a different "way", so to speak. Those that have passed on are always near, just not in physical form.

Crystals have an energetic signature. Those signatures are all different, based on the structure of the crystal, the color and whatever intent has been given (or programmed ) into it (which you can do with quartz!) Everyone feels crystal energy differently, there is no right or wrong way to work with crystals. Some people may be more sensitive to their vibration. Others may feel the crystals "speak" to them. After years of working with them, I have learned that I am only physically sensitive to crystals when I am around A LOT of them. Perhaps at a wholesale show or warehouse, or in a room where there is a particularly large amount of high vibration crystals.

So just how do crystals impact our energy? Why are we attracted to specific crystals? How do we use crystal energy? While science can speak of energy and vibration, I will admit there is something a little mysterious about crystals, stone people, when they enter our lives. After years of working with crystals in my own practices, as well as using them with clients, I have seen time and again that their energy can impact our energy. Often I use them when I am working with a client to balance their chakra energy, or I use crystals as companions to my meditation practice. The effect is sometimes felt physically but often is on a different plane, a different level that is subtle. Almost like tuning a radio dial (for those who know what that means!)

What I suggest to clients just starting to explore crystal energy is to be aware of what crystals they are attracted to. To be curious! What about that crystal may be inviting them in, perhaps engaging emotions in some way. In the crystal dreaming work I do in person with clients, when my clients are in the crystal mandala, the mandala raises their vibration to a point when lower energies cannot exist. What is needed to emerge for healing gentle rises and often dissipates, or presents itself.

The next time you are sitting, perhaps in meditation or just in mindful awareness, consider having a crystal or stone with you. Be open to what may emerge! If you are in a crystal shop, see what attracts you and what may be on your heart at that time. Perhaps the crystal is offering its healing power to you in that moment.

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