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Flat tire, revisited

Well, it happened again. For those who have been reading my blog, a few months ago I hit a pothole and ended up with several days of car issues, leading me to contemplate the mindful lessons of the experience.

This morning, on my way home from my office, I did it again...hit a pothole. This time, my tire immediately went flat (last time it was a slow leak). Sitting on the side of the road for 90 minutes waiting for a tow, I sat with my anxiety, and beat myself up on not seeing the hole until it was too late. Looking at my schedule, thinking if I could work with my daughter to use her car when needed, ugh. The day after a holiday, I knew it would be Monday before I knew how bad the damage was, and when my car would be returned.

Of course, I am speaking from a place of privilege, a relatively small inconvenience, with options and the financial means to correct. But, just because it seems small does not mean I should not honor the emotions and frustrations I am feeling, because they are valid.

Part of me was grateful for the opportunity to be home, and grateful my daughter's boyfriend is around this weekend so I can use her car as needed. Another part of me was wondering what the universe was trying to tell me. I do believe there are messages in everything, so...what was going on here that I encountered the same problem twice in just a few months?

  1. I am off track, need to change paths

  2. I need to slow down

  3. I am not listening to my intuition

  4. I am carrying something I need to let go of

  5. I am stuck in a rut (see number 1, change paths)

  6. All of the above?

Sometimes I wonder if I over-analyze things...maybe it was just bad luck (again)? But no, I have been feeling the past week or two that something was trying to get my attention, yet I am not sure what it is.

What do we do in this situation, where we feel triggered, and we know we are ready to face something, ready to make a decision or a change? Here are my go-to actions...

  1. I connect with the healers I go to (actually, this is a perfect situation for a Crystal Dreaming session) to get clarity and hear what my consciousness is reaching out to me to tell me

  2. I reflect, journal and create. My early morning practice is journaling and making marks and movement. All ways to move energy and see what arises.

  3. I stop, slow down.....spend time outside in nature.

  4. I listen. Without judgment, because I fear I will hear something that I am not ready to do, or will cause me to pause.

In moments like these, when life throws unexpected challenges our way, it's easy to question their meaning. Whether it's a simple stroke of bad luck or a message from the universe, what matters most is how we respond. Perhaps it's a reminder to slow down, listen to our instincts, and let go of what's weighing us down. Maybe it's a nudge to change our path when we've been stuck in a rut. Whatever it is, I'll take this experience as a chance to reflect, learn, and grow. After all, life's lessons often come when we least expect them, and it's up to us to decipher their wisdom and move forward with newfound clarity.

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