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Being Unique...Being True to Yourself....Live Authentically

our uniqueness is your greatest strength. For many (many) years I hid who I was, tried to conform and fit in. It wasn't until I allowed myself to break free of what I thought others wanted me to be that I learned how to truly live.

From when I was young I always felt different. More interested in creative pursuits, keeping to myself, losing myself in books and music. But, as happens for many of us, the real world means a career, and a family, and obligations that can lead us away from knowing who we truly are. We can lose touch with what brings us joy, what lights us up and what energizes us.

I am grateful that I started unravelling my "story" 10 years ago. Yes, it takes time, but each step led me closer to living fully, and joyfully. I look back and often wonder how I survived for so long not being who I was? But I did survive, and was very successful. Not necessarily unhappy, but definitely unfulfilled and feeling like something was missing.

When we start to live authentically, we may find that we start to do things differently than others. We may not follow the "norm", or the crowd, or even our friends. We find we are interested in learning new things, or perhaps start questioning what we believe.

As an entrepreneur I am bombarded by all sorts of ways that I should be doing my business. When I first started, I listened to everyone, tried all sorts of things. I learned with each step, and also discovered the power of discernment. Truly leaning into the soul of my business, what services I offer, what is authentically my voice. I found that I didn't necessarily follow the rules, or the norm, or the "should be doing".

Such applies to life as well, not just a business. When we are not confident in who we are, or connected with our authentic self, we can feel like we "should be" doing things, or "should be" farther along in our career, or more financially secure.

As the days go on, and I come up on my year anniversary of leaving my corporate career and "working on my own", so to speak, I find I am finally able to relax into the freedom my life affords me.

Do I wish I did it sooner? Perhaps. But, was I ready sooner? Probably not.

Am I following a playbook? Not really. Am I listening to trusted advisors? Yes. Those who encourage me to be ME, not an avatar of what others think I should be.

Each one of us holds a distinctive story and a remarkable way of navigating through life. It's through our differences that we can truly learn, grow, and create a vibrant tapestry of humanity.

This is your reminder to embrace who you are! Live fully in your way of being! Surround yourself with people who support you as you, and do not expect you to be anyone else.

Embrace your differences and your authentic self, do life on your own terms.

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