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Aligning with the Life You Are Creating

I often find that I say "Yes" to something, then I need to figure it out. That feeling when someone offers you something and your immediate soul filled reaction is YES! and then you wonder, what did I just say I would do ?

Understanding the energy behind decisions is so important. We often make decision from a place of lack, or fear, or anxiety. That fear can come from so many places....people-pleasing (what will they think of me if I say no, or do not do this thing?); our own insecurity in who we truly are or what we truly seek? fear of missing out on something everyone else is doing? when I feel I must be doing all the things to be successful or happy?

But take a moment and consider, are those decisions in alignment with your truth? who you truly are, and what you seek? Are you decisions aligned with the life you are trying to create? I have been working to pay more attention to the energies behind my decisions. Decisions on what I do, decisions on how I spend my precious time.

As a fairly new entrepreneur, it can be really easy to get sucked into the vortex of all the things I need to do, should be doing, comparison to others. Taking action and steps towards our goals is so important, yet checking in to know if those actions line up is also important. I could spend 24 hours a day doing so many things, and while I do "work" hard, I have noticed that when I am creating in alignment with my true nature, everything flows much easier.

The inspiration comes without a lot of thought, the perfect quote or picture emerges, the words flow. My practice for this year has been embodiment, coming back into my body and aligning with the wisdom my personal physical world has for me. Feeling when it is a yes, when it is a maybe, when it is a no. While I have always intuitively following my body's direction when making decisions, I also recognize when my mind interferes and puts in its two cents.

So this has been a year of feeling. Really, deeply feeling and embodying the life I am creating.

Have I noticed a difference? Absolutely. Does it mean I say no to things I may have said yes to in the past? Absolutely. Does it mean I feel more in the flow of life, in the flow of allowing? Absolutely.

As I do when creating an intention, and putting anything out into the world, I ask how it aligns with the life I am creating. Will this bring me closer, is it in alignment, and is it a "full body" yes?

How can you practice alignment today?

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