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Work with Me

With years of training in various modalities, and an extensive business career,

I am uniquely qualified to companion your spiritual journey to authenticity.

Explore my offerings and let's chat on how my services can help you

discover who you truly are, connecting with your inner wisdom.


Spiritual Direction and

Believing that we all have a connection to the divine and our higher selves, Spiritual Direction  provides a container for exploration of how the Divine shows up for you in all aspects of life.

Through compassionate listening, gentle inquiry and sharing, I companion you through an exploration of life questions. Seeking to discover how the divine speaks to us in each moment, spiritual direction is a journey to your soul, your true authentic, divine self.

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Minister Services

As an ordained interfaith/interspiritual minister, with extensive training, I offer wedding officiant services, lead life celebrations, baby blessings and events for other life transitions.

I specialize in serving those who consider themselves spiritual, but not necessarily religious.

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Energy Modalities

Through training in various crystal, light, sound and color modalities, I believe that everything is energy, and through the use of these tools clients can release energy blockages, enter expanded states of consciousness and deepen their exploration of their true nature.

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