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My Energy of the Year

Every day is a reset. Every morning an opportunity to start fresh. It’s said that the only thing we can truly control in life is our reaction to what occurs in our day. It all begins with awareness.

This has been a year of tremendous change in my life, involving realizations and deepening self awareness. Have I made mistakes? Yes. Have I had successes? Yes, more than mistakes.

I just completed a year end review process that was different than what I have done in the past, and found it very insightful.

These are the questions I comtemplated:

1. What did I change my mind on this year? (interesting!)

2. What created energy this year?

3. What drained energy this year?

4. What did I NOT do because of fear, and what were both the downsides and upsides of each?

5. What were my greatest hits and worst misses?

6. What did I learn this year?

This was not the typical year in review exercise, but one where I really needed to tune into the energy of all I did, or didn’t do, over the past 12 months. As I search back to 12 months ago, I have shifted my perspective on many things over the past year. I have had some difficult conversations with myself as I make choices and decisions going into the next year. I have deepened my self-awareness, as well as my awareness of how I show up every day.

But I have also embraced that each day is new. That what brings me energy, what fills my soul, what lights me up, is where I need to focus my energies. That all previous experiences, relationships have led me to where I am today. Starting January for the first time in my adult life not full time employed working for someone else, but rather waking up each day with the opportunity to create, work with clients, build relationships, pay attention to all aspects of my well-being, rest.

We are energetic beings, surrounded by layers of energies that define us, and can limit us. These same energies can set us free from those limiting beliefs, can allow us to connect with our true nature, can lead us to a life where we thrive. I am entering this new year with a different perspective, where instead of looking at the year as a long 12 months, It is a year of seasons, of themes, allowing myself multiple opportunities to reflect and reset as the year progresses.

Many people choose a word for the year. I am choosing an energy of the year. My energy is allowing. Allowing myself to flow with the energies that are prevalent and emerging. Allowing myself to be open to changing things up. Allowing myself to release what hasn’t worked, and embrace what surprisingly is working. Allowing myself to walk into that growing edge of what I did NOT do in 2022 because of fear.

I am also allowing myself to plan! Not something I have really been doing, relying entirely on my intuition to guide me, I am now tuning into planning some larger projects, and following the 12 week plan. If you are curious, my friend Pattie Belle Hastings has created a wonderful tool to help you ! With videos and at an very accessible price….I don’t’ gain anything by sharing, other than I love Pattie and the work she is doing in this world… 12 Week Plan by Mindful Marks.

In a few days I will be sharing my plans for the next three months, shifting things a bit, always evolving.

I find that waiting to do this exercise at the end of the year is a bit daunting, so I am shifting to a 12 week “year”, in alignment with planning by season. I will even schedule a week every three months to do a reset, bit of a retreat, so I can check in.

May you be inspired to do what works for you in this new year. To take the opportunity to check in with where you feel the energy flowing, what is speaking to you that is looking for more attention…or even less. May you give yourself permission to own what is next in your life.

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