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Etheric Crystal Torch

Etheric Crystal Torch

A great entry into crystal, light and color therapy for reiki, pranic and energy practitioners

Combining the healing power of crystals and color, the etheric crystal torch offers you the freedom of working on one chakra at a time. With the ability to change the color of the light, you can tailor your lighted crystal to the specific area of focus. Colored light shines through a double pointed clear quartz crystal, which focuses and magnifies the energy of the light, providing the benefits of crystal, color, and light therapies.


Features and Functions:

  • Includes ten color choices and a double pointed clear quartz crystal
  • Each color has a strobe and automatic fade function that cycles through each color, as well as the ability to maintain a single color
  • Ability to more precisely target physical areas of the body to focus healing energy to those parts
  • Combines all the benefits of crystal, light, and color therapy in an easily portable unit
  • Can be used as a hand-held item, or used with an optional stand for hand-free use
  • Securely and professionally packaged in a foam-filled hard-sided travel case
  • Battery operated using (3) AAA batteries

Each Etheric Crystal Torch is created specifically for each practitioner. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for delivery.


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