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Living in Pure Awareness

I remember an afternoon, a few years ago, where I was sitting my deck. It was a beautiful summer afternoon, and I was just sitting (as I love to do)....just sitting in awareness of all that was happening around me. While I was sure there were thoughts moving through my brain, I was not following them. Rather, I was just in a state of being.

It felt as if time has stood still.

I had the gift of slipping into a state of pure awareness. Silence, but awareness of all things. It was an extraordinary moment, and one I often recall. How can we get back there? Sometimes through meditation, or the crystal dreaming modality, I am able to. What do I learn?

I learn that life....what we are experiencing infinite. It is pure. It is boundless. That our consciousness has no edges, has no boundaries. In that space, we are in contact with what is.

As Thomas Keating explains in his quote, this is the reality that is in love with you, with me, with us. It is a space, that when we may feel alone or down, we can remember is love with us just as we are. To experience that knowing is life changing.

Such is my reminder of the power of simple awareness meditation. All the complexity of what is occurring around us, yet in that there is a simplicity. My invitation to you is to just sit, be silent, allow the thoughts in your mind to just be without engagement, to allow the sounds and motions and feelings to be part of a broad experience. Seek to connect with the silence and allow all doubts and fears to fall aware.

Be renewed, be enlivened, see the possibilities in each moment to thrive.

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