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Life is a Journey

As we enter the next chapter of our lives, we find that we may, for the first time, be wondering who we truly are!  As we let go of our careers, we discover that we have possibilities and opportunities ahead of us.  Aging, as persons with vast experience and deep wisdom, can become the most joyous and  meaningful time in our lives.  It can also be a time where we face fears, push our growing edge into new beginnings, and often encounter endings. 


This group, through contemplation, discussion and creative exercises, will companion us through this transition from a spiritual perspective.

A monthly gathering where we create space for sharing as we move through the process of embracing the next stage of life.  Short talk summarizing the topic, followed by contemplative questioning, cretaive activities and sharing.  Building a community of support where we do not try to fix but support each other through the unfolding of the next chapter in each of our lives.

Our in-person gathering has a few spots left!

If you are interested in future in-person, or virtual sessions, please

contact us below!

Where have we been, where are we now and where are we going?

Topics that will be covered include, but are not limited to...

  • What is Spiritual Eldering?

  • Who we are today, and turning points in our lives

  • How do we let go of who we are to make space for what is next?

  • Who are we becoming?

  • How does spirit show up for us at this stage of life?

  • Bringing spirit into this chapter

  • Sharing our gifts with others

  • Grief, compassion and difficult times

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