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Permission Granted

This was a stormy weekend, winter weather, cold… I worked to prepare for my February Love your Inner Child event, I had a proverbial “aha” moment.

How often in my life, even know, have I held back waiting for permission to be myself? Waiting for permission to step into who I am….to offer that service, to offer that class….even when I was young, permission to pursue the education I desired, rather than what I was old was “right”, permission to be artistic, creative….permission was never granted, the support was never there.

When I was young I had a vivid imagination. Very introverted, I spent time reading and creating stories in my head and out in nature. In many cases, the stories I imagined had a theme…being rescued. Someone or something coming into save me, coming in to fix me.

Yet, no one ever saved me, or fixed me. It was all inside me.

A few weeks ago I had another “aha” moment. “No One is coming to save you”.

Because I do not need saving, I do not need rescuing. Because everything I need to know, everything I need to be, is right inside of me and has been all along. Many years of recovering from co-dependence and people pleasing have gradually opened me to the realization that I am worthy of being me. I have value. I have unique skills and gifts.

And here is the thing…WE ALL DO.

It is within each of us, a gift…a gift from that which created us. That which is always around us and within us. That mystery of spirit, God, universe, whatever the word or essence is to you.

Take a few moments…where in your life are you hesitating, what is in the way? Are you seeking permission outside yourself? Think back to your childhood…what were your passions? What did you love? How is that showing up for you in your life today…is it in your life…..

This is your sign…. Permission granted!

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