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Inner Child Alchemy

A Message for you!

Why I am sharing this very personal journey with you..

Presented by Lauri Ingram,
Spiritual  Advisor and companion


Inner child work is a cornerstone of the spiritual journey because it offers a profound gateway to the deepest truths of our being. By nurturing and understanding our inner child, we touch upon the essence of our authentic selves, fostering a connection that is both healing and enlightening. This work allows us to revisit and heal past wounds, releasing patterns that no longer serve us, and making room for new growth and understanding. In the sacred space of acceptance and compassion, engaging with our inner child paves the way for a transformation that echoes through our lives, relationships, and the way we interact with the world. It’s about reclaiming the purity, wonder, and joy that are our birthright, thereby enhancing our spiritual connection to the universe and all beings within it. Lauri, through such mindful practices and presence, inner child work becomes not just an act of self-love, but a profound spiritual practice that can illuminate our path to living more fully into who we are.

What we will cover

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

  • Introduce the concept of the inner child

  • the basics of art journaling.

  • Establishing the journal as a container for healing

  • Begin the journey of connecting with the inner child using childhood photos to spark memories and emotions.

  • Deepen the connection with the inner child through written and visual dialogue.

  • Address and begin to heal childhood wounds through compassionate awareness and creative expression.

  • Honor and celebrate the qualities of the inner child, integrating them into the present self.

How we will journey
Self guided or live...
you choose!

icons8-mindfulness-100 (1).png
  • Intention Setting

  • Guided visualizations

  • Access to both live sessions and recordings

  • Workbook to companion your journey

  • Connection with photos from childhood

  • Integration with who you are today

  • Reconnect with those parts of you that seek to be seen

  • Learn the basics of art journaling 

  • Creativity as a healing activity

  • No Art experience needed!  use whatever supplies you have

Regularly  $47
Free ! 

Five Video Sessions

with companion journal questions

Recordings available

Workbook to companion your journey

Revisit at any time!

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